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Conflict in the workplace is not only stressful, but it can have an adverse effect on business, demoralising everyone in the office. However, through having the right kind of negotiations, conflict doesn't always have to be a negative. It's quite possible to turn disputes around and make them into positives.

Conflict can often provide a work team with the opportunity to develop both communication and interpersonal skills. In this sense, conflict can lead to new ideas and new ways of working. Resolving conflicts can also encourage people in your place of work to find common ground where it previously seemed impossible. Conflict mediation services specialise in this. Independent mediators encourage new ways of approaching conversation. Starting a healthy dialogue between all involved parties is what matters when it comes to attempting to resolve a dispute, rather than simply trying to find a 'winning' side in an argument.

If you're interested in learning about how to turn a negative conflict into a positive then a conflict mediation training course might be for you. There's a growing sense within the business world that the individual matters just as much as the company. If individuals are unhappy then arguably the business is not functioning as efficiently as it could do. This could mean you are missing out on revenue as well losing time.

There is mediation training courses available not just for those working within businesses, but there are mediation services that offer foundation training for workplace mediators. These are extended courses that will provide you with a huge number of valuable skills. Themes that run throughout these programmes are how to remain impartial, supporting both involved parties in the conflict. They teach you about flexibility and how the mediator role can be adapted to clients. It also teaches about how to value emotions and how there should be no 'winner' or 'loser' in mediation.

These courses are usually small, with around 12 participants in each learning group. This ensures that your learning is focussed and effective. Practising mediators are the teachers for these groups, so you can be certain that you are receiving the very best training possible. If you're successful you can receive a certificate in mediation skills.

If you're interested in mediation, then there are a number of different routes you can go down. You can get an independent mediator into your workplace in order to act as a third party and resolve in-house disputes. Or you can decide to train members of your team by taking part in a mediation training course. Even if you don't wish to become a mediator professionally, then getting a good grounding in how to deal with conflicts is a great life skill to possess and will infinitely improve your dealings with other people in the future.

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Constructive Mediation Training

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Constructive Mediation Training

This article was published on 2011/07/30